An Overview of Work-related Injuries

Injured construction worker who just fell from a ladder on a construction job

Workplace injuries happen too often. Some injuries are more severe than others, and some are unavoidable. However, most workplace injuries arise due to the negligence of the employer. Unfortunately, the consequences of these injuries are dire because the victims are slapped with substantial medical bills, lost wages, and diminished quality of life.

Studies reveal that workplace injury claims in Lincolnshire constitute a large number of personal injury claims in the country. Unfortunately, they occur when you expect them the least. Workers need to know some common causes of workplace injuries so that they know how to handle the injuries, prevent them, or seek compensation for the damages. Besides, some workplaces are more prone to workers injuries than others.


Workers working in a hot environment and around the fire are prone to suffering burn injuries. Common types of burn injuries include chemical burns that are caused when workers get in contact with corrosive, acidic, or caustic materials, electrical burns from high-voltage electric shocks, thermal burns from open flames, explosion, liquids, or hot objects, and sun exposure burns. Usually, workers who sustain burn injuries are out of work for about seven days based on the severity of the wounds.

On the job violent acts

Attacks resulting from arguments in the workplace, such as office politics, can cause severe physical injuries. Therefore, an employee can pursue compensation if such a workplace incident occurs, and he or she sustains injuries during the argument or a violation attack. But employees should be diligent enough to watch out for suspicious activities and take action in advance before the violation acts happen.

Repetitive motion injuries

These injuries are not as widely known as other forms of workplace injuries. However, this kind of workplace injury can be harmful in the long run. Repetitive tasks, such as using the computer for a long time and typing, often strain tendons and muscles, which causes back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vision problems. Employers can prevent or reduce the effects of these injuries by providing the right ergonomic equipment.


Young man with trauma of the head

These result from slip and fall accidents and being hit by falling objects at the workplace. The effects of injuries from falling objects when they hit the head can cause speech complications, dizziness, loss of consciousness, and headaches. Employers can prevent head injuries by providing the proper protective gear such as a hard hat to protect employees from head injuries.

Vehicle accidents

Workers who drive cars for business reasons suffer injuries from a road accident or car collision. Sometimes these injuries are fatal. Additionally, a considerable number of employees have suffered injuries from a car accident while on duty, which affects their productivity. Employer safe driving strategies and regular employee training can go a long way in reducing cases of vehicle accidents.

The recovery process of an employee who has sustained workplace injuries can be lengthy and costly. As such, since you know the common types of workplace injuries, you can protect yourself by taking the necessary measures. Also, you should seek compensation for damages no matter how severe or money they are as long as they happened while on duty.

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