Common Accidental Injuries and What to Do With Them

man who fell from the stairs

Thousands of accidents happen every day. They can be something minor like a simple spill to something more catastrophic. Sometimes, it is not your fault that you get involved in one. If you want to be sure about your safety, here are some common accidents and how you should respond to them to protect yourself.


This is one of the most common accidents. If you’ve experienced slipping and falling, then you should be aware of how common it can be. All it needs is you losing your balance, and you’ll end up a heap on the floor. However, a fall can quickly change into something serious depending on how you fall, what you fall on, and how far you fall.

It is worse for older people. If you are over 65, most falls can be fatal for you. Most accidents like this are in the home. You can avoid all of this by removing clutter around your house. However, the other place for this type of accident is at work.

Several injuries are common in slip and fall accidents. This includes fractures, sprains, and joint injuries. Determining what you have when you have fallen can help determine the course of treatment. Additionally, if you suffered the accident at work, you are entitled to worker’s compensation and financial support.

Car Accidents

Car Accident

With millions of cars on the road, involvement in a car accident is inevitable. You will be involved with at least one car accident in your life, especially if you drive a lot. This is why knowing how to react to a car accident is essential. If you are lucky, it should be a minor one. Major car accidents can result in serious even fatal injuries.

This is why you should be doing your best to drive safely and to have every safety precaution available.  If you do it right, you will only be facing minor neck and head injuries from the whiplash. If it is worse, you will need to consult with a doctor immediately on what to do.

Additionally, after an accident where you are the victim, you will want to get compensated. This is why you need to contact a lawyer. It should be easy to find an auto accident attorney in Lynnwood and other areas which would help in pursuing the other part for your compensation.


Surprisingly, poisoning is still a common accident. This is actually because of the spread of drugs and other substances. People who have become addicted to opioids can end up overdosing. The result is that they poison themselves. The usual first-aid response is to encourage vomiting and to call a hospital.

Other forms of poisoning are lead poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even food poisoning. Being aware of treatment is vital if you want to be able to recover quickly.

Keep Safe

Accidents are no joke and you should be able to respond quickly when they happen. Being aware of the common accident types out there will allow you to respond promptly and correctly when they happen. This should help you stay safe or at least minimize the damage when they happen.

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