Investment: Start Them Young


Growing up, your parents may have given you financial advice and talked about the importance of saving money. But sometime at an early age, you may not comprehend why. It’s fun to spend on things you want. However, on the onset of adulthood, it’s important to start changing your mindset and setting priorities. Think thoroughly about the long-term effects of your money habits, and consider the advantages of saving and investing.

According to Warren Buffett, a renowned investor, investing is “the process of laying out money now to receive more money in the future.” The primary purpose of investing is to allocate your finances in one or more types of investment means with the expectations of increasing monetary value in the future.

In addition, investing entails working hard while simultaneously working smart. Most of us work hard just because we opt to purchase the latest flagship phone, or the most high-end gaming laptop available in the market. According to a survey study conducted by BankMyCell, the prices of the flagship phone of a well-known android smartphone company has significantly lost 60% of its initial release value in 2018. It is not bad to buy your wants, but imagine if you invested the money you spent on that phone, you could have gained that 60%.

Where and what to Invest

buying insurance

If you have come up with the decision to invest but have no idea with what and where to invest your hard-earned money, try considering growth and defensive investments, a good example of these investments is insurance. By investing in insurance, you and your family will be given the protection you need in life—protection against unwanted events such as accidents, hospitalization, and untimely demise. It will also give you solid financial security that can be beneficial over time.

Considering that there are many insurance agencies out there, that offer different insurance packages, you may find it difficult to select the most suitable one for you. To help you get started, it’s vital to note that according to experts, a good insurance investment is with a captive insurance company. This type of company allows their purchaser or insured clients to have a share of corporate ownership. One of its key benefits is improved cash flow.

There are various ways to gain cash flow increase. According to a specific online resource center on finance, captive insurance provides financial rewards for purchasers who are efficient in controlling their losses and ensuring their cash safety.

The Key Takeaway

Life is filled with ups and downs. Just as there are happy moments within our lives, it is also inevitable to encounter unwanted circumstances. It is important, therefore, that you start investing at an early age. Investing allows you to be ready for life. According to a successful book author and educator, 10% of life is what happens to you, and 90% is how you will respond to it. By setting set your priorities straight, and making sure that your money will not go to waste, you can ensure a better future.

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