Key Areas of Workplace Safety to Be Addressed by Company Leaders

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A company must be able to provide for its workers a safe environment that also promotes their well-being. When unsafe working conditions plague your work areas, it becomes difficult to do your job. It also becomes dangerous to accomplish the tasks expected of you. There are many different aspects of workplace safety. What are the key areas that must be assessed and addressed?

Workplace Stress

Stress may come in the form of uncomfortable working conditions. Perhaps the temperature during the day is intolerable, or lighting conditions at night are hardly adequate. Stress comes in other forms as well, including extra long hours of work without breaks or the workload could be more than bargained for. Workers experience stress under bosses that do not accommodate their concerns or provide only negative criticism.

Job insecurity is also a form of stress. Anything that affects a person’s physical capabilities and emotional stability could lead to chronic physical illness and/or long-term psychological disorders. You must be protected from unnecessary stress, and given ample support by the organization you belong to.

Equipment Safety

Some workers are required to operate complex machines and potentially hazardous equipment as part of their daily routine. Without proper training in the use of these machines, the risk for injury or accident is already increased. Awareness of proper precautions must be in the operator’s consciousness as well, as he or she operates the machine. In case of accidents, you and the injured should work with an experienced work accident attorney in Salt Lake City or your place of business.

Equipment safety training and instruction depends on the specific requirements of the person’s job description. It is the duty of the organization to make sure all steps are taken to ensure equipment safety before a worker is given permission to operate a tool or machine.

Proper Biomechanics and Personal Safety

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Perhaps one of the most common causes of absence from work is musculoskeletal pain—low back pain (LBP) in general. Many workers do not experience complete recovery from this affliction, mainly due to lack of proper diagnosis and poorly informed management of the condition. In many instances, chronic low back pain is a direct cause of poor lifting techniques. Lack of awareness of proper lifting techniques or body mechanics leads to loss of productivity. Even sitting for long periods with poor posture leads to chronic LBP.

In relation to personal safety, it is important for workers to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from hazardous or toxic compounds. Adequate protection for the eyes, lungs, skin, and other vulnerable parts of the body can be provided by the right PPE. It is the duty of company leaders to inform their workers of personal safety practices and measures so that their health and well-being are not compromised.

It all starts with safety awareness and continues with safety training. It does not end there. Provision of safety nets, monitoring programs, and relevant interventions complete the bubble of protection that all workers deserve.

To be productive, workers must be healthy and motivated. Companies should always take the lead in ensuring that occupational safety and health measures are timely, relevant, updated, and implemented strictly.

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